Welcome to InvestIMO, your trusted source for real-estate development!

As an important owner of residential properties, InvestIMO group represents over 10 years of experience in real estate. Armed with a strong knowledge for multi-residential properties acquisition, our group offers valuable competencies through strategic partnering; property management, financial and legal consultation, among others. This combined expertise allows us to provide our customers with a highly skilled team dedicated to accompanying the home buyer and the investor throughout the acquisition process and the building of their inheritance.

The home buyer will see his equity grow substantially over the years. As for the investor, he will benefit from an unparalleled opportunity to multiply his assets.

Recent Financial Numbers

  Investimo Group manages a quarter billion USD real estate investment and recently started the execution phase of its 85 million USD construction project in HANOI (VIETNAM). The project consists of two residential towers, a five story mall with three-level underground garage with a capacity of 600 cars